Ambientador LIT Car 7ml. Aroma: Stark Expand

Air-Freshener LIT®Car 7ml/0.23oz. Fragrance: Stark




Air-Freshener LIT®Car for your car. 7ml/0.23oz capacity. LIT® since 1970

Aroma: STARK (Remembers of Abercrombie)

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The best for you. Discover the efficiency of our unique fragrances in your car.

FRAGRANCE: STARK (Remembers of Abercrombie)

LIT® Car is a nutural product, you will enjoy a comfortable stay in your car with unique fragrances. There are many car air-fresheners, but there is only a unique one for you LIT®Car. 

With a tested system, we have surpassed the quality and exclusivity of the majority of car air-freshener that are found in the market. The LIT® quality and our commitment with nature has been transferred to LIT®Car.

  • Luxury fragrances of hight quality. Different from other fragrances that could be found in a supermarket or a shop.
  • Natural fragrances from the best raw materials of the world in the high permufery.
  • 100% Pure oil essential, without other chemical products added nor alcohol. In other similar products you just can find pure essential oil in 30% to 75%

This guarantees a LIT® high durability in you car, surpassing the durability of other similar products in the market.

LIT® is a natural product, you will enjoy a comfortable stay in your car with unique fragrances.

Due to LIT® begin a 100% natural essential oil, its intensity is constant from the beginning to end.

Without any dyes. LIT® is an environmentally friendly product.

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We have a factory professional advice and personal attention. Please contact us: WhatsApp: +34 629 215 263

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