I am sure that if you have arrived here it is because you want to know more about us. My name is Pedro Uribarri and I am the second generation of perfume technicians at BARRI Perfumes.

In our laboratory we create handcrafted air fresheners, perfumes and cosmetic products for people like you, who want quality and exclusivity. We are always at all times behind your virtual screen to assist and advise you, because buying online directly to the factory does not mean that you do not have a familiar and personalized attention. Above all I will solve your doubts and your problems in the world of perfume. We are not only a laboratory or an online store, we are a family.

I can start by saying "once upon a time" there was a laboratory. Yes, indeed, since 1958 and more than 60 years in the market, before I was born my family began to manufacture in a small laboratory in Bilbao, but that I tell you better somewhere else (here) and in our blog.

I know that what matters to you is the quality of the products you see here. I will tell you why we have created the line of natural and ecological air fresheners LIT Ecological and EDER Natural as well as the benefits you will get with them.

Living the aroma. Love for nature

Live nature, remember those walks in the woods, perceive the aromas coming from plants, flowers, etc. That sensation olfactory harmonies that make me feel extraordinarily well, I transfer them to our laboratory in aromas dedicated to please you. One of our objectives is to make you feel these olfactory experiences in your home or in your business. Making you feel good is also making your visitors or clients feel good.

Why Barri Perfumes

And what do you have that others don't? You ask me. With LIT Ecological and EDER Natural you get a product made entirely by us and directly for you. Guarantee of quality and safety. Quality in duration and aromatic intensity, and safety for its neutral alcohol of vegetable origin, from molasses. To achieve this with the highest degree of quality, we use raw materials of one hundred percent natural origin.

Quality control

In the manufacturing control, we are careful to use lines more typical of perfume than of a classic air freshener. Therefore, the high graduation of natural alcohol (ethyl) that we use, as in our perfume manufacturing, makes LIT and EDER excellent products to sanitize and purify the environment. Being the best natural bactericide. It does it taking care of you, for its natural quality without chemical additives more aggressive with the environment. Being an artisan laboratory you have the guarantee that there is always a person behind the manufacturing process and not a machine.

Perfume and ambiance

Now you have a wide range of aromas, absolute natural aromas and lines of high fine perfumery that recall aromas such as Bulgari, Abercrombie, Eternity, etc.. All manufactured without dyes, parabens, or other chemicals more typical of cleaning than perfumery. Ideal for use in stores, offices, hotels or at home. Your best tool for Scent Marketing.

Scent Marketing

One of the marketing techniques that has been published a lot on the internet in many sites. Many talk about it, but few speak from the knowledge and perspective of a technical chemist and perfumer. Now you can get advice and help you get the perfect scent for your business, which will get more profit for you and your customers.


Contact details:

Polígono Industrial Erletxe Plataforma-K Edificio-3 Nave 4

48960-Galdakao (Spain)

Phone +34 944 124 440

Phone (WhatsApp) +34 629 215 263

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