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First of all, let's start by showing you who we are and what we do. We are going to tell you what Scent Marketing is and what it is not. Why Scent Marketing is important in shops. And a question that I'm sure you're asking yourself.

Scent Marketing, a little bit of history.

In the 60's the air freshener was used as a tool to eliminate bad smells. In the 70's we saw that we could do something more: incorporate novelties from the fashionable perfumes of those years. This meant a great qualitative leap in the LIT air freshener.

Shops started using these air fresheners with the idea of capturing the originality, exclusivity and differentiation of their premises.

Barri Perfumes desde 1958 Fabrica Perfumes AmbientadoresIn the 90s we helped many shops, offices, hotels, etc. to define a scent as an inseparable part of the image of their business. LIT Ecological Air Freshener was already a reference in the North of the country. Business evolved and so did perfume.

Since then, two generations of perfumers have worked in Barri in this field. Importing ideas, creating scents, developing new concepts. We show how important Scent Marketing has been from then until today..

Does my business need Scent Marketing?

There is no small or large business that does not need to take care of its corporate image. Among these cares it is very important to have a good fragrance that identifies your premises, your image, to the customer.

Scent Marketing, are olfactory techniques applied to the commercial field since 2009.

The Scent Marketing technique?

BarriToday there is no business that should not lose sight of Scent Marketing. As a perfumer and at the same time a connoisseur of customer concerns, I would like to show you that olfactory marketing is not only the idea that you as a customer have a personal scent or a scent that is different from that of your competitors, for example.

We as perfumers go further, providing support and advice to ensure that your customers not only feel at ease in your store, but also that they take your scent with them in their memories, wherever they are. And wherever they are and smell that fragrance, they will remember your products, your business and therefore the memory. All this has an impact on visits to your store and therefore on sales.

When we test, analyse and launch a new scent from our laboratories, we not only make sure that it is safe, effective and natural. Ecological and at the same time economical, because the good use of the air freshener in your premises depends on it. Our objective is to achieve extraordinary aromas, new, unique and original fragrances. Because with it, we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the market and we get the attention of those who use and smell it.

The use of marketing has extended to many business sectors. In a survey carried out a few years ago in the U.K., the population associated Scent Marketing with the following sectors: Cosmetics (65%), food (48%), clothing shops (35%), automobiles (20%), among others, as the most indicative.


The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that is directly connected to the part of the brain that processes emotion, memory and learning.

Humans are a hundred times more likely to remember something they smell than something they see (sight), hear (hearing) or touch (touch). Amazing, isn't it? Believe it or not, smell is undoubtedly the most acute human sense. It allows you to associate states and experiences in your memory so that you can recall them later.

The memory

Olfactory memory is so complex that it allows you to recall moments from childhood and youth. Scientists claim that scents provoke reactions in human conduct. It can seduce, provoke, or stimulate.

These studies state that we remember 1 percent of what we feel, 2 percent of what we hear, 5 percent of what we see, 15 percent of what we taste and 35 percent of what we smell.

The Marketing

Now back to the smell of your store. For it to work, the smell of a shop must be consistent with the image and emotions that the company or brand wants to portray, for example:

  •     About your brand personality. Is your brand relaxing, active or fun?
  •     About your external image. Is your brand elegant, sober, classic, modern, etc.?
  •     About your target market: Is it young, middle-aged or older, female or male?
  •     Purchase value. What economic level are your customers from?

These characteristics can be successfully paired with different fragrance elements to create a fragrance that represents the characteristics of your brand.

Marketing Olfativo en Barri PerfumesShops and scent

A case in point of a successful use of olfactory brand marketing is the fragrance of Abercrombie & Fitch shops. Their fragrance, Fierce, is dispersed in high concentrations throughout their shops.

Not only does Abercrombie manage to grab the customer's attention and make them remember their store, but Fierce is also sold as a personal eau de toilette and has become the number one selling men's fragrance in the US and Europe.

Most major hotel chains also use a scent logo, recreating the same effect on their sites.

Once you have chosen the scent for your venue use it at every point of sale, you will get the customer to associate the scent with your brand.

Perfume manufacturers and fragrance experts since 1958

We manufacture fragrances that are at the top of the perfume sales charts because we are aware of the demands of today's society and the latest trends. With the use of our air fresheners, both in the Ecological LIT air fresheners line and in EDER air fresheners, we are sure that we can offer you these advantages in olfactory marketing, increasing your productivity, improving your sales and giving your customers a pleasant stay.

At Barri Perfumes, we teach you, advise you and provide you with the right tools for your business, your brand, your new odotype. Take advice in Barri Perfumes, we are pioneers since 1958 in the manufacture of eau de parfum, toilettes, and air fresheners.

TYou have the guarantee of a good and professional team that will be able to help you at all times.

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