Automatic Fragrance Nebulizer Machine by Barri Perrfumes NebuLIT BIG
Automatic Fragrance Nebulizer Machine by Barri Perrfumes NebuLIT BIG
Automatic Fragrance Nebulizer Machine by Barri Perrfumes NebuLIT BIG
Automatic Fragrance Nebulizer Machine by Barri Perrfumes NebuLIT BIG
Automatic Fragrance Nebulizer Machine by Barri Perrfumes NebuLIT BIG
Automatic Fragrance Nebulizer Machine by Barri Perrfumes NebuLIT BIG

Scent Nebulizer Machine - NebuLIT BIG

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Nebulizer Machine for Fragrances NebuLITbig , with WIF and Bluetooth.

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scent nebulizer machine professional
Professional and powerful. This is the way we define this fragrance nebulizer machine. This machine has been disigned for using it in: stores, boutiques, offices, hotels, etc., and for your home. Its discreet dimensions not be powerful to freshen the air in larger premises.

ambientador concentrado detalles

The nebulizer machin utilizing the international most advanced Twin-fluid atomization technology. This technology is based in compressing air flow and high speed flow separating the oils into microparticles, then using a particle rotation accelerator, separating the microparticles to nanometer particles. The atomization is at nature temperature, without any heating.

With the NebuLITbig, you will not have to worry about sparying the air freshener into your stores or home. The machine does for you.

You have twenty programation levels, intervals time that you can select for your needs and the space of your store or home. The machine does inform to you about the charge. It is shown you in your mobile phone when the charge of fragrance is empy.

recomendaciones barri perfumesThe fragrances nebulizer machines are devices that provide a continuous aromatization. These machines are responsible for perfuming the home, a business or a company, and can be ideal for setting an ideal environment in  work or other home places. With the use of our automatic fragrances nebulizer you are guaranteed to always have aromatized a local of about 500-900 m2.

ambientador concentrado formato

  • Type: Nebulizer Machine Fragrances
  • Instalation: Fix or Portable
  • Power: 13 W.
  • Voltaje: 12 V.
  • Deposit: 700 ml. Bottle (for Special Fragrance Oil for nebulizer)
    We recomend NebuLIT oil fragrances.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Aromatization area: 500-900 m2
  • Size: 269 x 110 x 203 mm.
  • Weight: 2.3 gr.
  • Noiseless. <45 dba
  • No wet, no stain.
  • Intelligent Aplication in mobile-phone for iOS y Android. Wifi & Bluetooth system.

We have professional advice at the factory and personalized attention. Do not hesitate to contact us: +34 629215263 (Whatsapp) or email to

Hecho en Europa

900 gr.
7,5 W. / 12 V.
500-800 m2
269*203*110 mm.
WIFi y Bluetooth control / iOS - Android

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