Air freshener samples. Kit of 4 samples of 40 ml.
Air freshener samples. Kit of 4 samples of 40 ml.
Air freshener samples. Kit of 4 samples of 40 ml.
Air freshener samples. Kit of 4 samples of 40 ml.

Discovery Box - 4 Environmental Samples Air Freshener 40 ml./ud.

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Try Before You Buy! 4 Samples of 40 ml Air Freshener scents from LIT Ecologico, EDER Natural, and NebuLIT

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Discovery Box Contains 4 Samples of 40 ml Refillable Natural Spray

Assortment of scents for you to choose

Discover before you buy

If you want to try before you buy, the Discovery Box is ideal for you. We understand that buying fragrances online can be challenging since it's hard to know if you'll like the scent without trying it first. Now, we offer you a sample kit specifically designed to make your decision easier.
The Discovery Box includes 4 samples of air freshener scents, presented in a practical 40 ml refillable bottle with a natural spray.

Our samples allow you to explore our incredible collection of eco-friendly and natural air freshener fragrances across all our product lines: LIT Eco, EDER Natural, and NebuLIT.
Please note that these samples are designed to let you experience the scents, not their intensity or duration. We are confident that you will find the perfect fragrance for you and your business with our sample kit.

How to Configure Your Sample Kit:

Select Your Fragrances: Fill in the fields with the scent of the air freshener you want to try.
Create Your KIT: Once you have selected the four samples, click the "ADD TO CART" button.

It's that easy! Your sample kit is now configured and ready to be shipped.

Benefits of the Discovery Box

The Discovery Box is the perfect solution for those who want to get to know our fragrances before making a larger purchase. It is an interesting, economical, and eco-friendly way to ensure you choose the right fragrance for you and your environment. Try the Discovery Box and discover your ideal scent today!

Barri Perfumes Air FreshenersA natural product made with molasses alcohol.

A natural product made with natural molasses alcohol and the best raw materials sourced from nature.
No colorants, does not stain textiles.
Ideal for your business and home.
Long-lasting and powerful deodorizing effect.
Over 15 scents to choose from.

Hecho en Europa

AE00 - Surtido de Aromas

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