Air fresheners Offer Promo. Pack ONE, the promo pack of BARRI Perfumes
Air fresheners Offer Promo. Pack ONE, the promo pack of BARRI Perfumes
Air fresheners Offer Promo. Pack ONE, the promo pack of BARRI Perfumes
Air fresheners Offer Promo. Pack ONE, the promo pack of BARRI Perfumes
Air fresheners Offer Promo. Pack ONE, the promo pack of BARRI Perfumes
Air fresheners Offer Promo. Pack ONE, the promo pack of BARRI Perfumes

PackONE: The best Value Pack of air fresheners

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PackONE: The smart way to experience seven air freshener scents
Plus, it includes a concentrated bathroom air freshener FREE!
Choose your fragrances!

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(500 ml.)
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Not sure which scent or format to choose?

There’s nothing better than trying them all and in all possible formats! That’s why, at BARRI, we’ve created a unique pack just for you. A pack that lets you enjoy a variety of air fresheners and discover which one suits your tastes best, all at an unbeatable price!


What does the PackONE include?

This pack, which includes up to seven scents of your choice, is designed for those who don’t yet know us or are not familiar with our products. The PackONE contains:


  • 1 liter of Eder® Natural Air Freshener - Pro Spray

  • 500 ml of LIT® Ecological Air Freshener - Pro Spray

  • Discovery Kit - 4 samples of 40 ml each

  • Concentrated Toilet/WC Air Freshener 100 ml - Gift!


Choose the scent you like best!

With over 15 scents available, all made with molasses alcohol (ethanol) of plant origin and 100% natural, you’re sure to find your favorite. Here’s how to do it:


  • Select your preferred scents: Fill in the fields with the fragrance code or the name of the air freshener you want.

  • Add to cart: Click the "ADD TO CART" button.

  • Confirm your order


It’s that easy! Your PackONE will be configured and ready to be shipped.


Advantages of choosing the PackONE

  • Variety and personalization: Test a wide range of scents and formats.

  • Guaranteed quality: Our air fresheners are made with natural and high-quality ingredients.

  • Eco-friendly: With environmentally friendly options.

  • Convenience: All in one pack, designed to offer you a complete experience.


Don’t wait any longer and discover the fragrance that will transform your space into a fresh and cozy environment. Place your order now and enjoy the unique experience that only BARRI can offer!


muestras ambientador eder lit



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Don’t hesitate to contact us: WhatsApp: +34 629 215 263 or Telegram: @barriperfumes

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