Ambientador toilet spray LIT Concentrado
Ambientador toilet WC LIT

Air Freshener Toilet Spray LIT Concentrated

Tired of air freshener for toilet that do not smell or it smell of the typical industrial products?
Try now the air freshener for the toilet high concentrated LIT. It is a very concentrated product, manufactured with the highest quality and naturals materials, with great flavouring power for your bathroom and toilet.

  • Removes smell-causing agents.
  • Protects the toilet from unpleasant odors.
  • We recommended to spray or pour a small amount in the bathroom corners, preferably over tiles or on the toilet.

How to use it

For best results s advisable to spray in the bathroom corners and and preferably into the toilet.

You can also use in storage rooms, closets, car boots, and small spaces.

Up to 600 uses - 120 ml.

Olfactory notes

VAINILLA NEGRA - Exquisite, warm and unique fragrance from black vanilla. The most sought-after note in high perfumery. Powerful, durable and exotic Black Vanilla provides a relaxing and oriental atmosphere.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado vanilla negra

Olfactory notes

PALMANOVA - A fresh and clean bouquet. Vetiver, white flower, amber, mouguet and lemon. A pleasant and subtle fragrance.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado palmanova

Olfactory notes

BIOK - Coconut & Vanilla. It's an arome with a relaxing and fresh bouquet. Vanilla and coconut, a tropical combination that provides an ideal and pleasant environment.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado coco vainilla

Olfactory notes

STRAWBERRY LUX - A fragrance with a fruity and warm bouquet. The strawberry along with notes of macerated red fruits with chapagne scent, a unique combination that provides an exquisite atmosphere.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado fresa

Olfactory notes

A fragrance with a modern bouquet: petit-grain, tangerine, lemon, green galbanum, incense, amber, ylang ylang, iris, lily of the valley, sandalwood, vetiver, and musk. A modern and youthful fragrance.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado Layla

Olfactory notes

RED FRUITS - Subtle aroma of red fruits, harmoniously involved in fougère notes. Its a delicate aroma with plum, raspberry, moor, strawberry are combined with cherry.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado frutos rojos

Olfactory notes

WHITE ORCHIDS - Florals, with marvelous floral notes of exotic orchids. In nose is intense orchid flavours delicate floral aromas provides that resemble white flowers

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado orquideas

Olfactory notes

CLEAN CLOTHES - The aroma is clean and fresh, very pleasant pure cotton aroma. It's a complex and elegant aroma.

Ambientador toilet WC concentrado ropa limpia
  • Glass bottle 120 ml. Natural Spray.

For toilets, bathrooms, SPAs, gyms, closets, cars, etc. Ideal for who needs to have an high perfume power.

1992 : Air Freshener Toilet Spray LIT Concentrated 100 ml.


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