Scent Marketing

The ecological air freshener LIT is a perfect tool for the Scent Marketing. Contains a natural and safe formulation: We care your business, we care for you.

Are you passionate about the environment?

How you take care the air freshener Lit Ecological

  • We care about your health and the natural environment. Ecological Air Freshener LIT is elaborated with molasses’ neutral alcohol (ethyl) of plant origin Beta vulgaris – Saccharum Officinarum. 100% natural.
  • It doesn’t stain clothes, without any dies.
  • It doesn’t contain any chemical germicide or similar.
  • We use high quality vegetables oils and essential oils 100% pure.

70% Vol. Alcohol

Discover the benefits!

We know you will use in your home or store. LIT Ecológico takes care of the environment and takes care of you. We are able to your clients and friends stay longer in your store or home.

  • It doesn’t stain clothes.
  • Intense and persistent fragrances. More intense formulation.
  • Exclusive natural fragrances and the best air freshener line of high perfumery brands and aromas. Air Freshener with the best eau de parfum. The ideal tool for the scent marketing.
  • Customized control, individual packaging with double security closing.


Ambientador melaza ecologico
Barri Perfumes

Discover the aromas!

More of 10 masculine fragrances in our ecological air freshener, by the best perfumes brands.


More of 10 feminine fragrances in our ecological air freshener, by the best perfumes brands.


  • More of 4 unisex and fresh fragrances in our ecological air freshener.

  • More of 15 natural fragrances in our ecological air freshener, with the best raw natural materials

  • 500 ml. Screw-cap bottle.
  • 500 ml. With professional sprayer
  • 10 units Pack of 500 ml. / each unit with a professional sprayer free.

It's perfect for the Scent Marketing: stores, boutiques, offices, business, hotels, clinics, private consultations etc. The fragrances range has been conceived for professionals. Infuse your home with high-impact fragrance in minutes.

With the exclusive fragrances and with an exquisite quality, your customers will feel nicer. Also, when they are not in your store, they will always remind you with the smell of your store.

1967 : Air Freshener LIT (5 liters, 1 liter, 500 ml.)


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