Scent Marketing
scent marketing

Scent Marketing

All sellers are familiar with the concept of a logo, a visual representation of a brand. Logos, such as Apple, Adidas, Coca Cola, Disney, etc. For these large companies with their marketing budgets it is very easy to expose their logo to millions of people with a result of reach and with an effective memory of almost 100%


How can I get customers to remember my brand with all this chaos?

The surprising answer is through the sense of smell.


The human being is a hundred times more likely to remember something that smells than something he sees, hears or touches. Surprising, isn't it? Believe it or not, smell is undoubtedly the sharpest sense of the human being. It allows you to associate states and experiences in memory to remember later.

The olfactory memory is so complex that it allows you to remember moments of childhood and youth. Scientists claim that aromas cause reactions in human behavior. It can seduce, provoke, or stimulate.

scent marketing

The Memory

In these studies they say that we remember 1 percent of what we feel, 2 percent of what we hear, 5 percent of what we see, 15 percent of what we taste and 35 percent of what we smell .

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The Scent Marketing

Now we return to the smell of your place. To work, the smell of a store must be consistent with the image and emotions that the company or brand wants to teach, for example ... About the personality of your brand.

  • Is your brand relaxing, active or fun?
  • About your image abroad Is your brand elegant, sober, classic, modern, etc.?
  • About the target market. Are they young, middle-aged or older?
  • Female or male?

Purchase value what economic level are your customers? These characteristics can be successfully matched with different fragrance elements to create a fragrance that embodies the characteristics of your brand.

scent marketing
scent marketing

The stores and the aroma

One more example of a successful use of olfactory brand marketing is the fragrance of Abercrombie & Fitch stores. Its fragrance, Fierce, is dispersed in high concentrations in all its stores

Abercrombie not only manages to get the attention of the customer and remember their place but also Fierce is sold as a personal eau de toilette calling it the number one fragrance sales for men in the US. and Europe. 

Most major hotel chains also use an olfactory logo, recreating the same effect on their premises.  Once you have chosen the smell for your store, use it at each point of sale, you will get the customer to associate with the smell of your brand.

If you have a hotel, store, SPA or other business, you can use a natural perfume diffuser without gas to disperse the smell in the air. Stimulate sales, use the smell of direct advertising to remind customers of their positive experience with your brand.

Before you know it, your brand will be in the customer's mind thanks to the aroma of its store. You will earn in sales.  In Barri Perfumes we are aware of all this and that is why we use natural components that do not add to smell or health. We use 100% natural alcohols from molasses, raw materials of the highest quality, pampering our manufacturing with the same care as an eau de parfum.que un eau de parfum.

manufacture of perfumes, experts in flavouring

marketing olfativoWe manufacture first-order fragrances on perfume sales lists because we are aware of the demand of today's society and the most current trends. With the use of our air fresheners, LIT Ecological brand and EDER Natural, we are sure we can offer you these advantages in olfactory marketing, increasing your productivity, improving your sales and giving your customers a pleasant stay.

At BARRI, we teach you, advise you and provide you with the right tools for your business, your brand, your new odotype. Get advice at BARRI Perfumes, we are pioneers since 1958 in the manufacture of fragrances, toilettes, and air fresheners.

You have the guarantee of a good and professional team that can help you at all times..

PEDRO URIBARRIPerfumer Technician
El aroma en un local es más importante de lo que uno cree. Cuidar esa imagen es conseguir que el cliente esté mas a gusto en la tienda. Con ello conseguimos un cliente más satisfecho y más ventas.

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