Professional history - Barri Perfumes

PedroUribarriBARRI PERFUMES is a leading company in the development of high quality air fresheners, perfumes and eau de toilettes. Manufacturers since 1958 within the perfume and cosmetics sector

Since its beginnings in 1958, BARRI PERFUMES made the bet of the difference, established in Bilbao, manufactures and distributes its products nationally via a worldwide distributor network and sellers, nowadays also in the online store itself. We are a young and dynamic company focused on the for the quality and exclusivity in the professional scenting technology and flavouring

BARRI combines the latest in technology with artisan work and strict control in all its products. Products designed to meet the current demand with special care to protect the user and the environment with their products. Experts perfumers with a solid experience through the years and generations working for the benefit of our customers.

Manufacture of white label for the client who wishes to have their own perfume or air freshener, and their own brands consolidated in the market. The company has been present in a multitude of conferences and monographic exhibitions nationwide throughout these years presenting the most current, innovative and original products and fragrances.

Well before there was ever any talk of the oScent Marketing, BARRI already manufactured air fresheners based on hight lines perfume coming out of that classic routine that reigned in the market. We give the client different fragrances providing exclusivity and enhancing the client's brand.

Today we are a benchmark of olfactory marketing because as perfumers we are constantly studying the market in both eau de parfum and eau de toilette exporting these trends to the air freshener from a different perspective: that of the perfumer, not that of an industrial product of cleaning.

In its commitment to the protection of the environment, BARRI PERFUMES defined its environmental policy in which it establishes the will to contribute the best of itself to collaborate in the solution of the environmental problems of our planet, promoting recycling, the rigorous control of our raw materials and promoting the intelligent use of our products, as well as the control of the waste generated in our elaboration.

Since its creation in 1958 BARRI is characterized by a deep integration in the market, analyzing its peculiarities to be able to offer its customers the best quality, new lines and fragrances adapted to the requirements that each sector and each client require in their activity business and that is why we give a guarantee on all our products.

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